PrintED Studio is a small publishing and design studio based in Chicago and Dalian (China), dedicated to exploring the interaction between printed matter and other artistic mediums. We are committed to expanding the possibilities of publishing formats through curated projects, surpassing the constraints imposed by conventional printed pages.

2023.10.27-2023.10.30From Plants to Artists’ Books 
From Plants to Artists' Books" is jointly presented by Ruhua Bookstore and PrintED Studio. It is showcased at Lin Qingyun Residence, a century-old masonry-timber structure building, as part of the Ruian Branch Venue for the 10th Wenzhou International Fashion and Culture Industries Expo.
Lin Qingyun Residence

Artists' Books by Female Creators with Nature and Plants
Artists' Books by Female Creators with Nature and Plants is a mini bookshelf exhibition curated by PrintED Studio for 2023 Zuoshu Book Fair · Hangzhou. For th exhibition, they solicited 16 artists' books in different forms and materials from 9 female artists. The contents of all these artists' books revolve around nature and plants, aiming to jointly present the female creators' multi-dimensional observation, perception and imagination of nature.
The Ròóf · Liangzhu Culture and Art Center

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